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For over 15 years, Jimmie and his team of CPA Lifeguards have been rescuing fast-growing accounting firms from the sea of technological uncertainty. We’re dedicated to serving the new breed of CPAs who recognize that technology is key to competitive edge, and who are looking for expert guidance in leveraging digital solutions for next-level success. We take the bird’s-eye-view of your firm to create a technology strategy aligned with your growth plans – one that keeps your organization compliant, scalable, and ten steps ahead of your tech-reactive competitors.


The CPA’s Key to Exponential and Stress-Free Growth

The reason technology is letting them down is due to three things that the average CPA hasn’t generally considered. It’s an exciting time in the accounting industry, as more and more CPAs and accounting firms are expanding from single operators to full-scale organizations achieving fantastic success. For many, the fastest way to grow is to […]


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CPA Lifeguards has serviced our business for over 15 years.  They manage all our IT matters, including the IT aspects of our office move.  They are always accessible and provides outstanding client services.

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