The CPA Lifeguards have fundamentally changed the way growth-driven accounting firms approach technology for security and competitive advantage. Our unique strategy eliminates digital guesswork, uncovers your ideal technology solution, reduces cost, maximizes staff productivity, delights clients, and boosts profit.

Our Story

In 2004, founder and Chief CPA Lifeguard Jimmie Brown recognized that the joint challenges of ever-changing technologies and compliance requirements were becoming a serious problem for many growth-driven accounting firms.

Back then, Jimmie ran a managed service provider business with a growing client list in the accounting industry. They all seemed to face the same difficulties – initially coming to him when their technology crashed, or when they acquired a new firm and struggled with integrating all the conflicting systems.

On top of that, the security and compliance requirements unique to the industry were taking up huge amounts of his clients’ time, from staying up to date with changes, to training staff, to keeping systems secure. They all worried that something was being overlooked in security, data management, and procedures… and they braced for the day the IRS came calling for an audit.

With a background in both business and technology, Jimmie knew that these CPAs needed to stop viewing technology as the bane of their existence, constantly worried it would let them down. Their reactive approach – waiting until something broke and then scrambling to get it fixed – was costing them money, time, and opportunity.

Jimmie made it his mission to help CPAs understand that technology should be integrated proactively, as part of an overall business strategy. Preparing the infrastructure for growth, leveraging systems for compliance and client management, harnessing the power of data analytics, and being confident in security and reliability – these are the core technology elements that bring streamlined productivity, reduced costs, and maximized profit.  

Today, Jimmie and his team of CPA Lifeguards serve as expert technology strategists for growth-driven accounting firms. We take the 10,000-foot-view of where you are now, where you want to go, and how to leverage technology to get there. We provide you with an A-Z digital solution for security and competitive edge, so that your in-house team or external provider can launch your firm into the future.