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Revolutionize Your Firm’s Approach to Technology

A holistic, future-driven digital strategy for growth-focused CPAs

Tired of always worrying that today is the day your systems go down?

Had it with productivity slowdowns and costly reactive IT repairs?

Want the perfect strategy to make technology work for you, but not sure where to start?

Constantly wondering if a hidden security risk will throw you out of compliance?

Welcome to the CPA Lifeguard Intensive

Embrace a digital-first growth strategy.

End your compliance worries once and for all.

Leverage an A-Z technology plan for productivity and profit.

You already know that technology is a crucial piece of any growth-driven business.

And you know that ever-changing compliance regulations mean you’ve got to work extra hard to stay on top of security.

If you’re like most CPAs we work with, you’re incredible at your skill, rigorous about security, and dedicated to client success. Your firm is growing fast, whether through books of business or acquisitions, and the sky is the limit.

There’s just one problem. Your existing technology is stuck in the past, letting you down, and holding you back. This isn’t because of your in-house or external IT team, who are probably great at what they do. It’s because of an all-too-common approach to technology that leaves you at its mercy instead of in control.

When it comes to technology, most fast-growing CPA firms are reactive. That’s just the way it’s always been done – business as usual until something breaks, until you need to integrate your systems with an acquired firm’s, or until you need a compliance update.

But after 15 years of working with CPAs, we’ve learned that you just can’t afford to be reactive anymore. Scalable, sustainable growth requires getting ahead of technology, planning for the future, and maximizing the profit-boosting digital opportunities that give you competitive edge.

The CPA Lifeguards are here to save you from drowning in an ocean of reactive, expensive technology woes.

To help you discover your optimal solution for worry-free compliance, digitally-enabled growth, reduced technology expense, and client delight.

And to give your IT team the A-Z roadmap to implement it all.

The CPA Lifeguard Strategy

With a sole focus on the unique digital requirements of CPA firms, we’ve discovered that technology-fueled growth comes down to three crucial steps:


We see it all the time – CPAs are proactively focused on every element of business except technology, which ends up being an afterthought.

But then a new firm is acquired, and the IT team scrambles to integrate conflicting systems and maintain security. Or the infrastructure goes down, and productivity grinds to a halt. Or there’s a new privacy regulation and you lay awake worried if you’re really in compliance.

Our big-picture framing puts an end to all of this, by getting your technology aligned with your overall growth strategy.

We start by understanding exactly where you are now and where you want to be, so we can build out the tech that gets you there. We do a comprehensive assessment of your digital assets – services, hardware, and software – then do a gap analysis to identify the tools and infrastructure you need to achieve your growth goals.

It may seem obvious that technology needs to be aligned with growth. But most CPAs don’t speak tech, and most IT people don’t speak business. We translate your business strategy into a customized digital plan that lets you confidently scale your firm, fully supported and enabled by the exact systems you need.

Next, we do a feasibility assessment to ensure ROI on our proposed digital plan. We do this through the lens of a payback period, including how much you’ll gain by avoiding emergency repairs and increasing staff productivity.

And here’s where we put your security worries to rest once and for all. We’ll evaluate your current systems, policies, and procedures to eliminate vulnerabilities and create an all-bases-covered staff training plan. Our complete assessment ensures compliance with security, data, and IRS regulations, so you can stop worrying about breaches, fines, and audits.

Finally, we write a thorough RFP for all recommended hardware and software updates, so your team knows exactly what to do – or so you can negotiate harder with external suppliers and providers. We can even help you shop around.


When CPAs are focused on growing their firms, they can sometimes overlook the huge gains to be leveraged directly within the organization and existing client list. There’s a whole world of possibilities when it comes to CRMs, data aggregation and analysis (it’s easier and cheaper than it sounds), cross-selling, project management, automated marketing, and productivity tools.

We’ll present you with a list of our top five implementation recommendations, along with a second RFP based on your growth strategy. Then, we’ll help you prioritize which ones you want.

By the end of our work together, you’ll have a complete digital strategy fully aligned with your growth plans and fully compliant with regulations.

And you’ll have the A-Z roadmap that lets your in-house or external team implement it flawlessly.

Instead of paying premium prices for emergency fixes or as new needs arise, wouldn’t it be great to know that your technological backbone is rock solid?

That it works for where your firm is right now, and where it’s headed in the future?

That it’s the key to your competitive advantage instead of the bane of your existence?

Look no further than the CPA Lifeguards.

Ready to discover your ideal digital strategy for competitive edge?

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CPA Lifeguards has serviced our business for over 15 years.  They manage all our IT matters, including the IT aspects of our office move.  They are always accessible and provides outstanding client services.

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